We help you stay compliant so you can focus on your business.

Our One-Stop Compliance Solution allows you to focus on running your business with total peace of mind.

Staying compliant is hard

Business Legislation and BBB-EE compliance requirements are complex minefields to navigate.

An ever shifting landscape and some unscrupulous players make it harder to stay on the right side of the law and avoid punitive measures such as fines or loss of business opportunities.

We make it easy

Our One-Stop Compliance Solution ensures your business is covered across all main business pillars such as Accounting, Finance, BBB-EE, Labour, Tax and more.

With transformation at the core

Our deep expertise is in BBB-EE compliance, creating programmes that promote Enterprise and Supplier Development in different sectors.

We aim to build inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems that satisfy real needs and balance interests across the golden trianglebusiness, government and civil society. Moving from mere compliance to progressive transformation.

It really is as easy as…


Book a diagnostic session with us


We workshop your requirements and scope


We submit a proposal for your consideration

Why us?


No cutting corners, no quick fixes. We are committed to honest and transparent work


We are geared towards fulfilling stakeholder obligations in a way that is both valuable and meaningful


Our extensive knowledge and experience has resulted in a commendable track record of success

A Global Outlook

We are aligned with global sustainability goals.

Enjoy absolute peace of mind, and the freedom to focus on running and growing your business

knowing you are not only compliant across all fronts, but also contributing to a richer and more inclusive future.

Tshokoma Business Consultancy is a level one B-BBEE accredited company, we have intimate knowledge of B-BBEE legislation and are well placed to both understand and translate our client requirements into actionable practices.

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